Product Overview

Abrasives are used for sanding, grinding, polishing, and surface preparation applications. These abrasives remove surface material imperfections of metal, wood and stone.



We supply a vast range of abrasives brands offering the best result that suits ones needs.  Our Brands are Grinding (Saint Gobain Abrasives), Sunmight Abrasives, Unicut Proma and various more.


Product Variations

We offer the following abrasive products: 

  • sandpaper rolls and sheets
  • fibre discs
  • sanding belts
  • orbital velcro discs
  • sanding sponges and pads
  • wet and dry sandpaper
  • grinding and cutting wheels
  • sharpening stones
  • cut-off wheels
  • drywall abrasives
  • flap discs
  • flap wheels
  • wire brushes