Product Overview

Our range of power tools ranges from industrial power tools for the professional tradesman in various industries such as construction, electrical, plumbing and tile laying sectors, to domestic power tools used by the DIY worker. 



Our suppliers, AGP, Rubi and Vito manufacture high-quality power tools designed to high standards. These provide us with power tools for tile working, metal working, and construction equipment used by professional tradesmen as well as other semi-professional power tools for all enthusiasts in getting a job done.


Product Variations

We offer the following industrial power tool products: 

  • Concrete mixing tools
  • Concrete vibrating tools
  • Diamond core-drilling tools
  • Professional vacuum cleaners
  • Concrete scourer
  • metal cutting tools
  • tile cutting machines
  • sanding and polishing power tools
  • wood working tools
  • cordless and electric drillers
  • dry wall sanders
  • wood trimmers and biscuit jointers
  • multifunction cordless tool
  • jiggers
  • electric hoists