Product Overview

This section includes one of our top brands in the tile laying industry.  Our company has been importing Rubi for more than 20 years and ever since, we worked hard to make it a leading brand in this sector in the Maltese islands.  The products offered by Rubi range from tile cutting machine both manual and electric, starting from the very basic to the top professional machines.  Rubi also has a large variety of hand tools, finishing and cleaning products, as well as other accessories needed for tile laying.



We supply tile-cutting tools and materials produced by RUBI.


Product Variations

We offer the following products: 

  • manual tile cutting machines
  • electric tile cutting machines
  • wet and dry drill bits
  • tile pincers (nippers)
  • tile levelling systems
  • tile spacers
  • wet and dry vacuum cleaners
  • rubber mallets
  • wet and dry tile cutting discs in various diameters
  • rubber buckets
  • tile mortar mixers
  • trowels
  • grout floats 
  • sponges